New Issue of GSI (10.2): Non-State Aspects of Genocide

The underlying causes and motivations of terrorist groups and their role in genocide, such as the activities of ISIS, are addressed in this special issue of the Institute’s journal Genocide Studies International, devoted to: “Non-State Aspects of Genocide.” This issue was edited by Henry Theriault and Hazel Cameron.

Non-state actors are groups that do not represent a state or government and that have now come to the forefront as one of the main types of perpetrators of genocide in the 21st century, targeting groups like the Yazidis.

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In this regard, the Zoryan Institute had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Herbert Hirsch, Professor of Political Science at VCU and Co-Editor of Genocide Studies International (GSI), on genocide prevention.

Dr. Hirsch describes how models of genocide prevention that were used in the past, are becoming less relevant today due to the rise of new groups such as ISIS. These groups that do not represent a particular state or government are known as non-state actors, and they are becoming one of the main types of perpetrators in the 21st century.