Season 3

Dispersion Season Three Teaser Trailer

Episode 1: Everybody Loves Chocolate

This episode explores what it looks like to find connections in one’s hostland in the cozy confines of a small town. What brings that unmistakable sense of home in such places, and how do these communities and the diasporas within them, make their mark on the towns they’ve adopted? Sharing his experiences with us is Tareq Hadhad, Owner/Founder of Peace by Chocolate and a Syrian Refugee in Small Town Nova Scotia.

Episode 2: Expectations of Motherhood: “You can’t just leave it at the airport”

This episode explores the diverse experiences of motherhood in Canada’s Diaspora communities. It navigates the nuances and realities of immigrant women, their experiences, their journeys in Canada, as well as the vital role that mothers play in shaping identities and culture for the next generation. Joining us for this episode are Dr. Jacqueline Getfield and  Sharon Findlay, both mothers, and experienced both personally and/or professionally on the subject of diasporic motherhood. 

Episode 3: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This episode explores the push and pull factors of immigration in the lives of our guests as well as the notion of brain drain. Joining us for this episode are Azadeh Dastmalchi and Ifrah Arif.  Dastmalchi is the CEO and Co-Founder of VitalTracer, a medical startup that designs smart wearable medical devices. Arif currently works as a Senior Policy and Program Advisor at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Episode 4: Diaspora Care Packages: Supporting Homeland

In this episode, guests will explore their relationship with their own identity in relation to their home state. What sets this apart from other episodes, is that their homeland was not, or still hasn’t been, recognized as an independent state. We explore how this fight for independence and recognition has shaped the guests into who they are today, and why they may have a different relationship with their homeland than other Diaspora groups. The two cases represented in this episode are Nagorno-Karabakh and Kosovo. 

Meet the Guests

Tareq Hadhad

Dr. Jacqueline Getfield

Sharon Findlay

Ifrah Arif

Azadeh Dastmalchi

Anonymous a.k.a. ‘Edith’

Arta Rexhepi

Meet the Host

Jennifer Haddow