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IIGHRS - International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies

Encouraging a new generation of scholars to engage in research and publication in the field of Genocide and Human Rights, through a comparative and interdisciplinary analysis of cases such as the Holocaust, the Cambodian Genocide, and the Rwandan Genocide among others, using the Armenian Genocide as a point of reference.

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IIDS -The International Institute for Diaspora Studies

The study of 'diaspora' deals with dispersed populations scattered away from their homelands that maintain a sense of collective identity and can function as transnational networks between host states and homelands.

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Our Areas of Focus


In an era of rapid globalization, the study of diasporas is increasingly pertinent for policy-makers, business leaders, scholars and civil societies.

Genocide Studies and Human Rights

Through comparative analysis of such cases as the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, Cambodia and Rwanda, among others, IIGHRS engages in research, publication and education in the fields of genocide and human rights.


The modern concept of homeland is seen as a place where people depend on a shared set of ideals--the rule of law, freedom of thought, action, and belief, striving for good governance with shared responsibilities.

Ongoing Initiatives

Genocide and Human Rights University Program

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Academic Journals - Genocide Studies International & Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies

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The 44-Day Artsakh War Oral History Project

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Dispersion Podcast

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