Zoryan Supporters Share an Evening with the 2016 Board of Directors

25 Feb 2016

Toronto, Canada – The Zoryan Institute hosted a public event titled, “An Evening with the Zoryan Board of Directors” on February 20, 2016, to foster conversation and ask questions about Zoryan’s work and achievements from the perspective of the Directors of the Academic and Corporate Boards.

With speeches from a selection the Zoryan Board members, a sneak peek at Ted Bogosian’s upcoming sequel to the film, An Armenian Journey, and a few impromptu speeches from long time supporters and former students of the Institute, the event captured the enthusiasm and the importance of Zoryan’s role in providing education, research and publication in the fields of genocide and human rights, diaspora and homeland studies.

“It was such a beautiful event celebrating 35 years of the extremely important work of The Zoryan Institute. The academic landscape around genocide and human rights issues has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and Zoryan has played an essential role in this transformation.”— Atom Egoyan.

The current chairmen of the Academic Board, Roger Smith, and Corporate Board Varouj Aivazian, spoke to Zoryan’s 35 years of projects and accomplishments. New additions to the Board, Julie Gilmour, Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, Simon Payaslian and Rouben Adalian spoke about their personal experiences in their respective fields and how critical Zoryan’s contributions are.