April 24, 2022: On the occasion of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day on April 24, the Zoryan Institute will be printing a second-edition of Judgment at Istanbul: The Armenian Genocide Trials, by renowned scholars on the Armenian Genocide, Vahakn N. Dadrian and Taner Akçam. This book, first published in 2011 and based on an official Ottoman Government record, titled the Takvim-I Vekáyi, presents an authoritative analysis of the Turkish Military Tribunals, and demonstrates that wartime cabinet ministers, the Young Turk party leaders, and a number of others, were court-martialed by the Turkish military Tribunals in the years immediately following World War I.

In contrast to the Nürenberg Trials following WWII, where former Nazi leaders were indicted and tried as war criminals for their conduct by the International Military Tribunal, the Turkish Military Tribunals, now widely referred to as the Armenian Genocide Trials, were conducted on the basis of existing Ottoman domestic penal codes. The substitution of a national for an international criminal court continues to have an international impact as a unique initiative of a national self-condemnation by Turkey, about the crimes committed by Ottoman Turkey.

On Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, we are reaching out to our constituency to place an advance order for a hard cover copy of the second-edition of Judgement of Istanbul. Orders will support the Zoryan Institute in disseminating this invaluable documentation to academic and legal circles and institutions internationally, in an effort to raise awareness about the trials and counter denial. Please visit this page to purchase your copy today!