June 3, 2022: It has been a month since we launched our Promoting Equity, Tolerance, and Reconciliation Through Genocide Education program in high schools across the Greater Toronto Area. We are pleased to share that the program has had wonderful reach in its first month:

The program has been well-received from students and teachers alike. Many students have indicated that the presentation was their first time learning about the phenomenon of genocide, and for many it was their first time hearing about the Armenian Genocide. Discussing things they learned from the presentation, one Grade 10 History Student at Stephen Leacock Collegiate lnstitute in the Toronto District School Board stated:

“I learned about “us versus them” mentality and how genocide relates to ethnic cleansing and killing members of a group. I knew about the Armenian Genocide previously, but I did not know about the gendered aspects of it, and how processes of genocide are gendered in most cases.” 

Students have also left the presentations thinking critically about questions relating to human rights and the impacts of genocide and how it can be prevented. A student at Earl Haig Secondary School highlighted the effectiveness of the program in allowing students to absorb the heavy material:

“The program was very interactive and gave us time to process the information with each other, have meaningful discussions, and learn about the opinions of others. I wonder about the long term impacts of genocides on survivors and nations, and would love to learn more about these topics in the future.”

Teachers have shared similar positive feedback about the nature of the program:

“The presenter had a great presence and asked interesting and thought-provoking questions for my students to reflect on. I thought it was especially pertinent that connections were made back to Canada’s own history. It was a great experience and I would love to have your program come back to my class.”  

We would like to reiterate our sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Education in supporting the Institute to make this program possible, and to all of our incredible GHRUP graduates who have been involved with this program to date.

Dr. Alison MacAulay presenting at Earl Haig Secondary School

Dr. Andrew Basso presenting at Jean Augustine Secondary School

Hazal Halavut presenting at Earl Haig Secondary School

Neekoo Collett presenting at Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute

If you are an educator or parent in Ontario, and would like the Promoting Equity, Tolerance and Reconciliation Through Genocide Education Program delivered to a public high school in the GTA in the month of June, please contact the Zoryan Institute at admin@genocidestudies.org.