December 8, 2021: The Zoryan Institute remains committed to developing new, innovative ways to fulfill the Institute’s mission of raising awareness on issues related to universal human rights, genocide and diaspora-homeland relations.

In 2021, the Zoryan Institute sustained and expanded its virtual educational programming, and established new research projects. These achievements could not have been done without the dedication and commitment of the staff, editors, faculty and Board Members who selflessly give their time and efforts to the realization of the Institute’s work. We are also so appreciative of our annual donors and supporters that give the Institute the financial backing it needs for its continued operation in Canada, the United States and the Republic of Armenia.




Virtual Genocide and Human Rights University Program

Over 400 students from 42 countries have graduated from the GHRUP to date. Implementing the two-week, intensive graduate-level GHRUP virtually in 2021 allowed the program to reach a new multidisciplinary constituency, and led to tremendous dialogue.

More information on the GHRUP can be found here.

Genocide and Human Rights Webinar Series

The Genocide and Human Rights Webinar Series has attracted new scholars and audiences to the Institute’s programs, through sessions that have blended theory with in-depth discussions about current events.

The webinars are now available on the Zoryan Institute’s website and YouTube page as educational resources. To watch the seminars from the Summer, Fall and Winter Genocide and Human Rights Webinar Series, click here.

Stay tuned for the themed Winter 2022 series, focused on climate change, human rights, and genocide.

Virtual Workshops

Workshops provided resources for the next generation of ZI students and scholars.

The Academic Writing Workshop offered guidance in all areas of preparing a paper for publication, including but not limited to:

  • Topic selection
  • Research
  • Publishing
  • Structure

To watch this writing workshop, please click here.

The Forces and Factors Virtual Gallery

The Gallery showcases genocide and human rights studies, and diaspora-homeland relations through artistic works.

To walk through the gallery, and watch the launch, please click here.



Second Artsakh War Oral History Project (SAWOHP)

This oral history project connects a diverse global audience with stories of survivors, preserving history for future generations. Transcription of the recorded interviews will allow the invaluable testimonies of survivors to be more widely available and accessible.

More details on the SAWOHP can be found here.

“The audio-visual documentation of the war, obtained from a wide demographic of survivors of the Second Artsakh War, depicts the experiences of individuals and communities before, during, and after the war, leaving no space for any distortion of history by politics or different interests.”

– Mari Hovhannisyan, ZIA Program Coordinator



Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies

The Zoryan Institute celebrated the 30th anniversary of its award-winning peer-reviewed journal, Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies. 

To learn more about the Zoryan Institute’s academic journals and publications, please visit  here.


Coming Soon

Dispersion: A Zoryan Institute Podcast

This podcast navigates identity, home, and belonging through storytelling.

“Podcasts have tremendous reach. They have the ability to blend current issues with the Institute’s areas of focus.”

-Prof. Alex Alvarez, Vice-Chair of Zoryan Institute’s Academic Board of Directors

Aurora’s Sunrise

This animated documentary, produced with a US 1 million dollar budget, is based on the Zoryan Institute’s Armenian Genocide Oral History Collection and tells the story of an iconic young female genocide survivor.

More information and behind the scenes footage can be found here.

The Zoryan Institute’s initiatives in the areas of education, research and publication are conducted with the highest academic standards and scholarly value. Please support the Institute annually to allow for the sustainability of Zoryan Institute’s programs.

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On behalf of the Zoryan Institute Board of Directors, executives, staff and volunteers, we thank you for your generous support. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season and our best wishes for the New Year.