CMHR – Canadian Museum of Human Rights

In 2012 The Zoryan Institute worked closely with CMHR to ensure that the history of Canadian minorities having experienced Genocide is fairly represented in the museum’s exhibitions. One such exhibit is the gallery titled “Breaking the Silence”, focusing on events recognized by the Canadian Government. It explores the role of secrecy and denial in many atrocities around the world and includes a focused examination of the Ukrainian Holodomor, the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide and the Srebrenica Genocide in Bosnia.

In 2013, the Zoryan Institute saw an opportunity to bring the Canadian Museum of Human Rights  and the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute together. This partnership set forth an exchange of knowledge and expertise, educational materials, and exhibitions with respect to human rights and genocide studies. The two museums now share research and advice while cooperating to advance the study of human rights and reconciliation and ultimately prevention of genocide. Both museums welcomed Zoryan Institute’s effort and the vision to build a new worldwide network of museums that deal with genocide and human right violations as a means of raising awareness.