Memorial Books in Comparative and Global Perspectives: New Special Issue of Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies Available Now!

18 Dec 2023

Toronto, Monday December 18, 2023: The Zoryan Institute is pleased to announce that the latest issue of its peer reviewed journal, Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, Vol. 23, No. 2, is now available online! This special issue is dedicated to examining the role of memorial books in comparative and global perspectives, and was guest edited by Eliyana R Adler, Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, and Polly Zavadivker, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Delaware.

This issue, featuring seven original research papers and a book review, critically explores and examines memorial books from diverse disciplinary, regional, and cultural perspectives. It also illuminates the multifaceted functions of these books as memorials, and sheds light on how these repositories of memory reveal the ways in which diasporic communities have preserved and integrated their pasts into the present. The examination of memory books in this issue highlights the intricate connections between individuals and the homes they leave behind, and examines the various ways in which writing, images, and books serve as mediums to express and encapsulate the memories and memorialization of those places.

Featured Articles

Introduction: Memorial Books in Comparative and Global Perspectives by Eliyana R. Adler & Polly Zavadivker read here

Depicting the Past and its Diversity in the Age of Nationalisms: The Armenian Memory Books (houshamadyan) by Vahé Tachjian read here

Let this Book be a Monument: Yizker Bikher and Jewish Collective Memory by Jennifer Rich read here

Translating Trauma: The Afterlife of Holocaust Memorial Books by Eliyana R. Adler read here

Crowding out the Algerian War in French Memorial Books by Amy L. Hubbell read here

A Settler Colonial Memorial Book: The Agricultural School and Museum of Sidi-Bel-Abbès, Algeria by Susan Slyomovics read here

The Moroccan “Yizkor Book”: Holocaust Memory, Intra-Jewish Marginalization, and Communal Empowerment in Israel by Aviad Moreno & Haim Bitton read here

Reflections: A Merchant, a Spy, an Artist, and a Viennese Coffeehouse Owner: Some Notes on an Armenian Sketchbook-Chronicle Preserved in the National Library of Austria by Sebouh David Aslanian read here

Book Review – From Near and Far: A Transnational History of France by Sarah-Jane (Saje) Mathieu read here


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