Can you imagine sitting down with your great-grandmother when she was your age and hearing her personal stories of strength in the midst of intense violence, loss, migration, and later, of becoming a spokeswoman for human rights and dignity? 

Armenian Genocide survivor Aurora Mardiganian was only 14 when she lost everything – her family was murdered before her eyes, she was sold into sexual slavery, harems, yet always managed to escape, to survive, and to maintain her humanity. She told the world what happened to the Armenians in 1915, but her story has now been tragically forgotten. The Zoryan Institute, in partnership with Bars Media, is working to bring Aurora’s powerful story to light. Using the Zoryan Institute’s original interview with Aurora from its Armenian Genocide Oral History Collection, this project combines decades of research with the vigorous work of artists and producers in Armenia, to create the anticipated animated documentary, Aurora’s Sunrise. For more information on the Aurora’s Sunrise, please see the trailer below:

This #GivingTuesday, will you help bring Aurora’s story to the world? Will you take a step towards the preservation of history for future generations? Will you help promote education and awareness of genocide and human rights abuses in an effort towards prevention?

Aurora’s story can only be brought to light with the support of people like you. Please donate generously to the Fund for Aurora’s Sunrise.