Educational Supplement Feedback

Our hope is that this supplement, and the others that follow, serve multiple purposes. Ideally, we have presented both you and your students with new content, and access to research you’ve not had before. To that end, we have some questions about your learning, and about your students learning. The goal of this survey is to help us make adjustments to aspects of the Education Supplements moving forward – and to help us ensure we don’t change what is working well.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. Estimated time to complete this survey is is 5-10 minutes.

Educational Supplement Feedback
How did you hear about this supplement?
Please indicate your level of knowledge on genocide prior to this supplement.
Please indicate your level of knowledge on the Holocaust prior to this supplement.
How long did it take you to teach this lesson and use the supplement?
How were the supplements used in the classroom?
What elements of the supplements did you use in your classroom?
How has you and your students’ understanding of the Holocaust improved?
How useful did you find the Educational Supplement?
Are there any elements of the educational supplement that can be improved upon? If yes, please explain.
Do you think there is anything which could be added to or removed from the supplement?
I would recommend this to other teachers.
Please add any other comments below that might help us to better understand your experience with the supplement and make improvements to future supplements What future topics would you like supplements to cover.