Dispersion Season 2 – Coming January 16!

11 Jan 2023

The Zoryan Institute is pleased to announce that after the success of its first season, Season 2 of Dispersion is coming soon to all of your favourite podcast platforms!

“Was I Canadian enough? Was I Armenian enough? Was I North African enough? How do I situate myself within these paradigms? And as I got older, I understood that I didn’t have to make a specific choice. This concept of identity and being part of a diaspora especially, is fluid, and that attachment to identity grows and evolves as we as individuals grow and evolve.”


– Aida Gregorian, Episode 4, One Word: Boundaries (Gendered Diasporic Experiences)

The Dispersion podcast brings diverse Diasporic Canadians together to engage in conversations centered around identity, home, and belonging. This is done with the aim of challenging stereotypes and discrimination, and promoting tolerance and understanding. Season one of Dispersion achieved global success, reaching audiences in Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Armenia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, among others. It also ranked as a leading educational podcast in Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Israel, and Austria.

Now, the Zoryan Institute is thrilled to announce that Dispersion is back for Season 2! Season 2 brings an exciting lineup of guests to the podcast, who get personal about their relationship to their diasporic identity. Our host, Jennifer Haddow, engages in intimate conversation with the guests, to dive deep on a number of topics as they relate to the phenomenon of diaspora and one’s identity. Episode topics range from food and diaspora, to religious diasporas, to gendered diaspora experiences, to how the experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada relate to the experiences of those living in diaspora.

Mark your calendars, because Season 2 launches on January 16, 2023!

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