This international conference brought together world-renowned experts in transitional justice to provide the theoretical framework to contextualize what transitional justice is, why it may apply to Armenia and the outcomes that could result in applying it.

The panellists included:

  • William A Schabas, Professor of International Law at Middlesex University
  • Marieke Wierda, Rule of Law Advisor for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Barney Afako, Lawyer, Conflict Mediation Advisor
  • Nadia Bernaz, Associate Professor of Law and Governance at Wageningen University

Professor William Schabas, considered the world expert on the law of genocide and international law, was in Armenia to participate as the main rapporteur in an international symposium on transitional justice in Yerevan. EVN Report’s Maria Titizian sat down with Schabas to discuss the concept of transitional justice and its possible application in Armenia in light of widespread corruption cases and the March 1, 2008 crackdown by security forces that left 10 people dead in the country. The symposium was organized by the Zoryan Institute of Canada in collaboration with the American University of Armenia.