As students, educators, and faculty enter a new school year, the Zoryan Institute is pleased to share its online and in-classroom educational resources that can be used, accessed and referenced throughout the 2023-4 school year! Feel free to take a moment to explore our various educational resources below.

Promoting Equity, Tolerance, Reconciliation, and Awareness Through Genocide Education Program

This program provides secondary school students at the grade 10-12 level with a foundational understanding of numerous, complex, and often emotional issues related to crimes against humanity and genocide. Each presentation will offer an interactive discussion, introducing human rights and genocide, and explore select case studies, using a comparative and interdisciplinary approach. By raising awareness about the multi-faceted impacts of genocide, and connecting them to students’ own experiences and responsibilities as citizens, students facilitate tolerance, intellectual dialogue, and respect for human rights and dignity. Register for a presentation in the Greater Toronto Area here.

Educational Clips

We have a variety of short videos  that help define and explain important concepts like human rights, the definition of genocide, systemic racism and more. Each clip is less than 5 minutes long, making it the perfect introduction of difficult topics to students at the high-school level. These clips can be used in the classroom, or students can reference them for their own independent work.  See all of our educational clips here.

Training Clips

Our website currently features three videos, with more on the way, which can provide educators with the tools to create a safe, respectful and healthy environment in their classrooms.

Self-Care and Trauma-Informed Teaching:

This video introduces the concept of trauma informed learning and explores strategies for teachers to create and foster a safe learning environment for their students.

Promoting Anti-Racism in the Classroom: This video gives insights and practical guidance on how to address issues related to racism and promote inclusivity and diversity in their classrooms. It equips them with tools to engage in meaningful conversations about race, privilege, and social justice with their students.

The Role of Film in the Classroom: This video explores how educators can use films effectively to enhance their lessons, spark discussions, and encourage critical thinking among students.

Educational Supplements

The Zoryan Institute’s  Educational Supplements, a feature of Genocide Studies International, published by the University of Toronto Press, aim to help bridge the knowledge gap between academics and the public, particularly high school students. The Educational Supplements seek to raise awareness about genocide and other atrocity crimes among future generations, and inspire students to act as engaged global citizens, by providing a lesson plan and worksheet on content from the academic journal Genocide Studies International for teachers to use in their classes. See our educational supplements on Holocaust Memorial Day and Genocide Awareness Month here.

Essay Contest

After a successful first year, the Zoryan Institute is pleased to announce that the 2024 Student Essay Contest is officially open! This Student Essay contest provides an opportunity for students to make their voices heard and contribute to the ongoing work of preventing genocide.  The winning essay will receive a $250 cash prize and the leading submissions will be published in an upcoming edition of our academic journal, Genocide Studies International. This is a great opportunity for teachers to incorporate this essay into their class curriculum. To learn more about the essay contest click here.

Dispersion Podcast 

The Zoryan Institute’s Dispersion podcast analyzes and celebrates both the diverse and common experiences of diasporas living away from, and returning to, their homeland. Through conversations with diverse communities in Canada, the podcast challenges stereotypes, discrimination, and aims to bring people together through conversations that navigate identity, home, and belonging. Concepts, themes, and ideas for this podcast are linked to the Zoryan Institute’s academic journal, Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, published by the University of Toronto Press.

Other Resources 

The Zoryan Institute’s website offers a wide range of additional resources to assist educators in preparing to teach about genocide and human rights. These resources include lesson plans, in-class activities, assignments, and more. These resources have the potential to  greatly enhance educators’ ability to effectively address these critical topics in the classroom. To see all of our resources, click here.

The Zoryan Institute is dedicated to providing educators with tools and resources to help teach the difficult but important topics of genocide and human rights. As we step into the 2023-4 school year, we invite you to explore our resources and use them freely in your classroom to help develop tolerance, empathy, and critical thinking in the next generation.