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How one book made history

2016: Wolfgang Gust, through his partnership with the Zoryan Institute, collected, restored and published documents from the German Foreign Office Archive.

This book played a major role in the German Parliament’s recognition of the  Armenian Genocide on June 2, 2016. In fact, Co-Chair of the Green Alliance Party of Germany, Cem Ozdemir, had this to say about the book’s impact:

“Wolfgang Gust’s work and that of the Zoryan Institute was very crucial, because it was the first time that we saw the documents of the German Foreign Ministry, and these documents are probably the best saved archives in the world on the Armenian Genocide.” – Cem Özdemir

One of the Institute’s most groundbreaking achievements to date is supporting the editing, translation, and publication, in addition to financial sponsorship, of the book, “The Armenian Genocide: Evidence from the German Foreign Office Archives, 1915-1916.

This extensive selection contains some 218 telegrams, letters and reports from German consular officials in the Ottoman Empire to the Foreign Office in Berlin describing the unfolding genocide of the Armenians.

The material is unimpeachable by those who would deny the Armenian Genocide, as it is from Turkey’s own wartime ally. It provides researchers with a deeper understanding of the actions and the motives of the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide.

The Institute’s staff assisted with the publishing of the book in German (2005) and Turkish (2012) and the translation, editing and publication of the book in English (2014).

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