At a time of growing awareness about past and present racial injustice and systemic racism in the U.S. and Canada, the need to understand Black history has never been more important. We believe that film can be a terrific educational tool to understand this history.

In this webinar, Professor Antoinette Winstead of Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonia Texas will be discussing Ava DuVernay’s historical drama, Selma. This film, set in 1965, explores some of the most tumultuous moments of the Civil Rights Movement.

We encourage you to watch the film prior to attending the webinar and pay special attention to the seminal bridge-crossing scenes. The film is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Happening on February 23 at 7:00 pm EST.

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Antoinette is a tenured full-Professor at Our Lady of the Lake University, is the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Program Head for the Mass Communication and Drama programs.She has a B.F.A. in Film/Television Production from New York University, a M.F.A. from Columbia University in Film and a M.A. in Literature from Our Lady of the Lake University.

She teaches screenwriting, playwriting, directing, acting, and digital film production courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. She is also an author, poet, and playwright.