Turkish-Armenian Dialogue

History is a stumbling block for peace and stability in the region. True peace can be achieved only if nations can talk to each other openly about their past. Therefore, we see education through the Common Body of Knowledge as one of the best ways to alleviate the tension between Turks and Armenians because it provides a basis of shared knowledge that can counter generations of hostility and lead to mutual understanding and dialogue.

Turks Who Saved Armenians

As the leaders of the Ottoman Turkish government in 1915 were rounding up the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire for mass deportation and slaughter, a number of Turks risked their own lives to help Armenians escape certain death. There is no way to know today how many such individual acts of courage and humanity occurred in those tragic times. Our sources of information are largely anecdotal: family histories transmitted orally, autobiographies and personal memoirs, and the oral testimonies of survivors. more info

The Story of Haji Khalil

Helen's Story

Astrid's Story