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The following is a list of books, journals & conference proceedings that the Zoryan Institute has been involved with:

In the Shadow of the Fortress (Out of Print)

by Bertha Nakshian Khetchian
1988, 167 p.

In the Shadow of the Fortress is the story of a young girl born in Husenig, Western or Ottoman Armenia, just before the Genocide of 1915-1917. Bertha Nakshian Ketchian experienced the horrors of that tragedy with her mother and sister. She witnessed and recorded in her memory the cruelty as well as devotion of neighbors, the hard choices of friends and family as she survived against all odds. Having crossed the desert and spent time in an orphanage supported by American help, Bertha eventually joined her father in Providence, Rhode Island.(Out of print)

The Karabagh File

Jiraryr Libaridian, ed.
1988. 171p.

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The Making of Nagorno-Karabagh: From Secession to Republic

Levon Chorbajian, Editor
2Palgrave. 2001.
Hardback. 267p.

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The Sumgait Tragedy: Pogroms Against Armenians in Soviet Azerbaijan. Volume I: Eyewitness Accounts

Samvel Shahmuratian, Editor
Forward by Yelena Bonner
Steven Jones Translator
1990. 343p.

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Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies

Khachig Tllyan, Editor.
3 issues per year.

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Quest for Closure: The Armenian Genocide and the Search for Justice in Canada

by Lorne Shirinian
2000. 267p.

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The Armenian Genocide Within A Framework of Compelling Evidence

by Vahakn Dadrian
Zoryan Institute,
2002, 35p. Softcover + VHS videotape.

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The Banality of Indifference

by Yair Auron
Transaction Pub., 2000. 332p. Softcover

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The Banality of Denial

by Yair Auron
New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Pub., 2003, 338p.

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Der Volkermord an den Armeniern 1915/16: Dokumente aus dem Politishcen Archiv des deutschen Auswrtigen Amts [The Armenian Genocide, 1915/16: Documents from the Diplomatic Archives of the German Foreign Office]

by Wolfgang Gust (ed.)
Publisher: Zu Klampen, 2005
674 p., Hardcover

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Dialogue Across an International Divide: Essays Towards a Turkish-Armenian Dialogue

by Taner Akam.
Toronto and Cambridge, MA: Zoryan Institute,
2001 Softcover book of xii+101 pages

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A Crime of Silence: The Armenian Genocide

Permanent Peoples' Tribunal
London: Zed Pub., 1985, 249p

To mark the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal (successor to the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Vietnam) held a special hearing in Paris on April 13-16, 1984. The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal was created to investigate major international crimes that no national or international body was willing or able to hear. This volume reproduces the evidence and papers delivered at the Tribunal's hearings, and its Verdict. The Tribunal's jury included three Nobel Prize winners and ten other eminent jurists, theologians, academics and political figures from various Western and Third World countries. This was the first international forum to clearly affirm the Armenian Genocide. A highlight of the Tribunal's verdict was that the Young Turk government during WWI was guilty of genocide, an international crime for which the Turkish state today must assume responsibility. The proceedings were first published in French in 1984, in English and Armenian in 1985, and in Portuguese in 2012.

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From Empire to Republic: Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide

by Taner Akam.
London: Zed Books 2004
2001 Softcover and Hardcover available.

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Genocide as a Problem of National and International Law: The World War I Armenian Case and Its Contemporary Legal Ramifications

by Vahakn N. Dadrian. 1989. 133p.
Reprinted from The Yale Journal of International Law 14, No. 2 (Summer 1989):
221-334 + Appendix and bibliography.

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"The Historical and Legal Interconnections between the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust: From Impunity to Retributive Justice"

by Vahakn N. Dadrian. 1989. 133p.
1998. 55p.
Reprinted from The Yale Journal of International Law 23, No. 2 (Summer 1998): 504-559.

Hitler and the Armenian Genocide

by Kevork Bardakjian
1985. 81p.
(Bound photocopy available)

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Judgment Unto Truth: Witnessing the Armenian Genocide

by Ephraim K. Jernazian
Translated by Alice Haig.
1990. 163p.

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Key Elements in the Turkish Denial of the Armenian Genocide: A Case Study of Distortion and Falsification

by Vahakn N. Dadrian
1999. vi+84p.

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Needle, Thread and Button

by John Yervant.
1988. 101p. (Out of print)

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Out Of Darkness

by Ramela Martin
1989. 220p.

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Resistance and Revenge

by Jacques Derogy
Foreward by Gerard Chaliand
A.M. Berrett, Translator 1990. 2

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A Shameful Act

by Taner Akam,
New York: Metropolitan Books
2006. 483p. Softcover.

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Studies in Comparative Genocide

by Levon Chorbajian,
George Shirinian, eds.
1999. 270p.

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Toynbee, Turks, and Armenians

by Lillian Etmekjian
1985. 9p.

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The Georgetown Boys

Jack Apramian. Edited,
revised with an introduction by Lorne Shirinian.
Toronto: Zoryan Institute, 2009, 226p..

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Beginnings and Ends

Fiction by Lorne Shirinian
1991. 171p. (Out of print)

Nationalism and Socialism in the Armenian Revolutionary Movement (1887-1912)

by Anahit Ter Minassian
2000. 267p.

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