"Education and awareness are the best means for bringing about tolerance and understanding, and are needed in today's world more than ever, in order to have justice and equity."

-John Gilmour

Genocide & Human Rights University Program

The mission of the Genocide and Human Rights University Program is to help develop a new generation of scholars to engage in research and publication in the field of genocide and human rights studies. This goal is achieved through a comparative and interdisciplinary analysis of such cases of genocide as the Jewish Holocaust, the Cambodian Genocide, and the Rwandan Genocide, among others, using the Armenian Genocide, the archetypal genocide of the 20th century, as the point of reference. The program also seeks to help develop an academic level educational support system for those who wish to work toward the prevention of genocide. The program strives to show, through the study and sharing of the genocidal traumas of many peoples, that genocide is a universal human experience and that, as such, it must be the concern of all individuals and institutions.

- K.M. (Greg) Sarkissian, President

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Open University Program

The Open University brings the research and insight of scholars to the larger community through seminars and lectures and serves a unique educational function in the community. Typically, an Open University Program consists of a presentation in the morning, a lunch break, and a seminar discussion of the topic in the afternoon.

A representative selection of open universities is available here .

Public Lectures

As part of its ongoing commitment to education, the Zoryan Institute makes available the fruits of its research through public lectures. Scholars, subject specialists, and authors present the fruits of their research to the general public in an accessible way, in a venue that also allows for interactive questions and answers.

A representative selection of lectures is available here .