Resistance & Revenge

Originally published in French under the title, Opération Némésis, Resistance and Revenge: The Armenian Assassination of the Turkish Leaders Responsible for the 1915 Massacres and Deportations, is a study of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (the Tashnak party) and the individuals responsible for the execution of Turkish leaders responsible for the Armenian Genocide. Until the appearance of Derogy s study, it was assumed that the assassins were acting out of personal and emotional motives. But through an amazing amount of detective work, it becomes clear that they were in fact part of a disciplined effort to seek retribution for historic crimes against the Armenian people.

The book richly details Turkish plans for the liquidation of the Armenian people, the individuals selected to punish the perpetrators of genocide, and above all, and most complex, to document for the first time the role of the organized Armenian political opposition to Turkish rule. In doing so, Derogy brings to light the relation between the legal party and its extra-legal arm; the mechanisms needed to implement the daring plan of assassination; and the special post-war circumstances in which the Armenian nation found itself torn asunder by a Turkish-Soviet détente in which the independence of Armenian became the sacrificial pawn.

Derogy worked closely with scholars around the world, utilizing heavily the archives of the Zoryan Institute, and interviewed firsthand survivors who had direct contact with the events described. His is a detective story of the first rank, no less than a piece of historical reconstruction.

"Over the last decade a fair number of history books and works of fiction have resurrected the Armenian Question which in textbooks, did not even merit a footnote. What was lacking in this series of publications was a book like Operation Nemesis. Thanks to Jacques Derogy's talent this story is now unforgettably part of contemporary history." -- Gerard Chaliand