Der Völkermord an den Armeniern 1915/16: Dokumente aus dem Politishcen Archiv des deutschen Auswärtigen Amts

[The Armenian Genocide, 1915/16: Documents from the Diplomatic Archives of the German Foreign Office]

This 675-page volume is the product of some ten years of labor by Wolfgang and Sigrid Gust, the editors, and their international team of researchers and translators. It is an extensive selection of some 218 telegrams, letters and reports from German consular officials in the Ottoman Empire to the Foreign Office in Berlin describing the unfolding genocide of the Armenians.

During World War I, only German diplomats and military officials were able to send uncensored reports out of the country. Apart from the Americans, who remained neutral in the war until April 6, 1917, German diplomats and their informants from the missions or from among the employees of the Baghdad Railway were the most important non-Armenian eyewitnesses of the genocide. The German military was able to enter areas in which the genocide took place relatively unhindered.

This material is unimpeachable by those who would deny the Armenian Genocide, as it is from Turkey's own wartime ally, and was written with candor, since it was never intended for an outside audience. It will provide researchers with a deeper understanding of the actions and motives of the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. As Turkey's entry into the European Union is conditional on its process of democratization, the publication of the German Foreign Office Archives will unveil facts and testimonies that no democratic country and justifiably ignore.

Wolfgang Gust was Foreign News Editor with the highly respected German news magazine Der Spiegel, equivalent to Time Magazine, for years and is the author of two previous books related to Armenian history and the Genocide.