About Us


Zoryan's core concept is to serve the cause of scholarship and public awareness relating to issues of universal human rights, genocide, and diaspora-homeland relations. This is done through the systematic continued efforts of independent scholars, and specialists using a comparative and multidisciplinary approach and in accordance with the highest academic standards.

To these ends the Institute stresses the highest standards of scholarship and objectivity in undertaking and supporting multi-disciplinary research, documentation, lectures, seminars, colloquia, and publications in three broad subject areas: Genocide, Diaspora, and Armenia.

The Zoryan Institute for Contemporary Research and Documentation was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1982, followed by The Zoryan Institute of Canada, Inc., which was incorporated in Toronto in 1984, as a non-profit research institute. They combine to form an international academic and scholarly center devoted to the documentation, study, and dissemination of material related to Human rights and genocide studies, diaspora studies & homeland, in particular, Armenia.

The Institute makes its collections and analyses available, and provides research assistance to scholars, writers, journalists, film-makers, government agencies, and other organizations.

Functioning as a resource for facts, ideas and images, the Institute promotes the application of scholarly research on relevant issues to the activities of individuals and organizations, for whom such shared information can be a catalyst.